Stockton Children's Book of the Year


Stockton Children's Book of the Year (SCBY) is a successful, popular and high profile literary event for children which has been running for over 21 years in Stockton Borough.



• To provide an exciting and fun vehicle for pupils in Years 5 and 6 to demonstrate the pleasure of reading and literature.
• To stimulate the imagination of children and give them the opportunity to meet authors.
• To contribute to the development of literacy skills.
• To hold a high profile event which will be far reaching in the local community.




Stockton Children's Book of the Year is an event that involves children, teachers, parents, authors and library staff in the promotion and celebration of good, modern children’s literature.

From November 2018 to March 2019, approximately 500 nine to twelve year old children from primary secondary and special schools throughout the borough, are directly involved in choosing the best book of the year.

Children read and review the five short-listed titles chosen by an experienced team of librarians. In Voting Week, children vote for their favourite in a secret ballot. Votes are collected and counted from all schools and an overall borough favourite is found. Throughout the time when children are reading the books, library staff involved in the project will visit schools to discuss the books and the authors.

All short-listed authors are invited to Stockton, to talk to the children about literature and their books, thus communicating an enthusiasm for reading and the written word. Meeting an author is always a special experience for everyone involved.

The event culminates in an awards ceremony, attended by the authors, local dignitaries and participating children and teachers, where the winning book will be announced. Two children from each participating school will also be awarded certificates for ‘Book Review of the Year’ and ‘Most Effort’ throughout the project. An overall “Book Review of the Year” award will be presented to one successful child from a participating school.

The event aims to stimulate the imagination of children and gives them the opportunity to meet real authors on whose books they have been working. It’s also a great opportunity for authors to receive feedback from the very audience they are writing for!


Past winners of the award include:

Tom Nicoll (Boyband of the Apocalypse), Ross MacKenzie (Shadowsmith), (The Scarlet Files: Cat Burglar), Ellie Irving (The Mute Button), Piers Torday (The Last Wild), Megan Rix (The Victory Dogs), Liz Pichon (Tom Gates Excellent Excuses), Kaye Umansky (Clover Twig and the Incredible Flying Cottage), Vivian French (The Robe of Skulls), Dominic Barker (Blart ), David Almond (Skellig) and SF Said (Varjak Paw).