Who Chooses the Shortlist


This annual award wouldn’t exist without the dedication of the team of Library Staff who run it, it is something that they work on throughout out the year. As a team we are constantly reading books that meet the shortlist criteria and are looking forward to seeing who will be on next year’s shortlist. This reading takes place outside of working hours and is something that the team does because they support and are passionate about the award. If the team didn't do this then shortlisting potential books would be extremely difficult and we would not read enough books to be able to create a fair and diverse shortlist that meets our criteria and provides fantastic reading for pleasure opportunities to the children that take part.


This year’s judges are:

Angela Foster – Children & Young Person’s Librarian
Deb Branson – Branch Librarian
Nichola Davey – Branch Librarian
Lucie Lightfoot – Branch Librarian
Ivan Limon – Branch Librarian
Cath Watkins – Branch Librarian


SCBY Timetable:

Stockton Children's Book of the Year (SCBY) involves children, teachers, parents, authors and library staff in the promotion and celebration of good, modern children’s literature. Every year, between November and March, over 800 9 to 11 year olds (Year 5 and 6) choose the best book of the year, culminating in the SCBY Celebration Day. Alongside announcing the winning SCBY book prizes are also awarded to students for Best Book Review and Outstanding Effort.


September: Schools apply to participate in SCBY.

October: Shortlist is revealed and first School visits take place.

January: Progress of pupils reading of the shortlists takes place with the second schools visit.

February: Preparations for the SCBY Celebration start to get going with teachers choosing their schools winning book review and outstanding effort to go and represent their school at the SCBY Celebration Day.

March: the third and final school visit takes place where students vote for their winning SCBY book. Pupils also find out who will be representing their schools at the SCBY Celebration Day for Best Book Review and Outstanding Effort.

24th March: SCBY Celebration Day. Our 5 wonderful shortlisted authors visit the region and spend the day visiting our SCBY schools before finding out at the SCBY Award Ceremony the winner of Stockton Children’s Book of the Year.