The Night’s Realm by Nick Ward

This book review of The Night’s Realm by Nick Ward was written by Florence Eddy as part of Stockton Children’s Book of the Year Book Review Competition.

Read a book where the night becomes your friend; children are forever captured and sleep may never exist again.

Do you want to be transported into a truly magical world where nightmares can come true? Or even read a book where you’ll be begging to read another chapter? If so, Night’s Realm, a mysterious and thrilling tale by Nick Ward, will not fail to keep you intrigued.

The magician, a wicked man, has never been defeated until Billy Jones, just age 10, discovers a shocking secret. All creatures – witches, hounds, crawlers – bow down to the great magician. He has spent years cloaked in black trapping children away from the light. However, when Billy and his friends gather together, everything is set to change.

The runner’s devotion to Billy is heart-warming and, even when they had just met, they showed kindness to each other. The runner’s braveness and determination and Billy’s heroicness pair together to make an incredible team.

Can a scared kid, who avoids the dark at all costs, pick up the courage to save all children? Can Billy really believe in himself?

Find out for yourself.


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The Night’s Realm by Nick Ward


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